Grace UMC is a "connectional" church, which simply means that it is a church that has many missions (branches) throughout the community, country and world. 

Grace United Methodist Church, Long Beach is an all-inclusive church.

We believe in God and the Risen Christ, and that He is bigger than any of our guilt or shame.

No matter who you are, where you've been or what you think you've done, the loving Christ welcomes you to receive His grace at Grace. It is a multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi-language community that comes together with blended worship services that are both contemporary and traditional.


The Grace UMC building has a wonderful history and offers terrific spaces for worship as well as gatherings and events of all kinds. Please feel free to contact the office if you have an interest in renting any of our facilities through email at office@graceon3rd.com or by phone at (562) 433-7401.


The Grace UMC & Community Center has a well lit and moderately sized gymnasium. It features basketball hoops, safety padding and folding bleachers.

In addition to its function as a place for athletic activities, the room is ideal location for large gatherings, shows and festivals of all kinds! The Grace UMC gymnasium features an elevated stage that comes into full view when the hoops are elevated.

Finally, the use of portable furniture like tables and chairs can transform the space to suit nearly any type of event.

Please send an email to office@graceon3rd.com

or call the office at (562) 433-7401 if you are interested in renting the Gymnasium for your event! 


The Grace UMC sanctuary is a beautiful open-aired and light-filled worship space. The round architecture, built in 1966 after a fire destroyed the original structure, symbolizes the crown of Christ. Smooth white walls provide terrific contrast for the stained glass memorial boxes and streaks of colored light created by sunlight passing through the windows of the dome. Its awe-inspiring floor to ceiling mosaic of the risen Christ is included in the Long Beach Historical Record.

Beautiful sounds also fill the worship space, provided by a working pipe organ, grand piano and other assorted instruments.

Please send an email to office@graceon3rd.com or call the office at (562) 433-7401 for more information or if you would like to schedule a personal viewing.


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The Grace UMC & Community Center has some spacious and freshly painted office spaces available for rent.

All of the rooms are one of a kind - each one has an architectural feature setting it apart from the others such as stained glass windows that open onto 3rd Street, built in cabinets, suite-style connecting doors, dutch doors or windows into the hallway. With the addition of furniture that suits your needs, it will be easy to make an ideal working/creating space that enables you to do whatever it is that you do best!

Please send an email to office@graceon3rd.com or call the office at (562) 433-7401 for more information or if you would like to schedule a personal viewing.


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The Grace UMC & Community Center has specialized function rooms available for rental.

In addition to the main Sanctuary, Grace also has a smaller chapel complete with an altar, pews and a beautiful wall- length stained glass window. It also has a reception room, choir practice room, a reading room and a meeting space (currently used as a second chapel).

All of these rooms include the use of built-in furniture and/or movable tables and chairs. The reception room has a small kitchenette attached to it.

Please send an email to office@graceon3rd.com or call the office at (562) 433-7401 for more information or if you would like to schedule a personal viewing.


What does it take to be a part of the Grace family? Nothing (and everything)!

All we need is you, as you are, how you are; with your own unique set of gifts and experiences.

Everyone gets a seat at this table of equals.  Bring what you have to share at the "table" and we will be delighted to share what we have with you.


Rev. Lewis is an ordained elder in the California-Pacific Conference of the United Methodist Church.


He grew up within the church family and stepped into full-time appointed ministry in 1999 when appointed to serve the Wesley Foundation Campus Ministry at the University of Wyoming, Laramie. He has since pastored five other United Methodist churches in Hawaii and Southern California.


He received specialized training for Congregational Development and Revitalization by the United Methodist Church and is called to make church language and rituals more accessible to those outside of the church culture.

Email: revdan@graceon3rd.com


YOU are welcome!


Church can happen anywhere.

It happens when we create learning opportunities that transform lives. It happens when we create safe environments where children can play and learn. It happens when education makes the path to citizenship a little easier.

And when our activities and sacrifices help nourish people’s minds and bodies, that’s putting beliefs into action.

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