Back when communities were being built across our country, the common gathering place for meetings, education, community planning, sports and recreation were local churches. Over time, as automobile ownership became more common, activities that previously took place in churches could easily be held in other places. Churches no longer needed to provide the wide range of functions and services to the community as they had in the past.


Here in Long Beach, our community is placing a high value on environmental preservation, and driving as little as possible has become the new standard. Grace UMC & Community Center understands and supports this effort and aims to serve the community as its local gathering place.  We can fulfill the needs of just about any group including indoor sports, weddings, special events, clubs and other social gatherings. Call us and let us know how we can become the ideal location for your community activity or event.




Spiritual Center
(S) Sanctuary
(Ch) Chapel
(L) Lounge
(P) Parlor
(CR) Choir Room
(J) Juniper Room

Community Center
(BR) Board Room
(Off) Offices
(SH) Social Hall
(K) Kitchen
(G) Gym
(St) Stage
(WA) Wellness Area


Coffee Bar All Morning

9:30 AM

English Language Worship

10:00 AM - 11:15 AM

Fellowship & Refreshments

11:15 AM - 12:15 PM

Khmer Language Worship

11:30 AM

After our bilingual (English and Khmer) Easter Celebration on April 16, our church family came together to celebrate the Resurrection of Our Lord with a luncheon filled with all kinds of delicious food.

Easter Sunday Luncheon

Pictured below: Marti Dixon, 2017 Nominee; Coach Cameron, 2017 Nominee; Amir Amid, 2017 Award Winner; Bruce Pinckney, 2015 Award Winner; Suanne Swan, 2016 Award Winner; David Clodius, 2017 Nominee; Jeanelle Zelsdorf, 2017 Nominee; Talena Brandon, 2017 Nominee.

Grace UMC 4rd Annual Gracie Awards

Congratulations to our nominees and to our winners of Grace United Methodist Church's 4rd Annual "Gracie Awards"!

Each year Grace UMC honors its members and constituents who have served, supported or participated in its activities, programs and projects.  The annual Gracie Awards ceremony and celebration takes place each year on Academy Awards Sunday.  This year the trending tag for the Academy Awards may have been #OscarsSoWrong, but here at Grace the trending tag was #GraciesSoRight!

Valentine's Weekend Pancake Breakfast

After our Worship Service on Sunday,, our church family celebrated Valentine's Day with a Pancake Breakfast.


YOU are welcome!


Church can happen anywhere.

It happens when we create learning opportunities that transform lives. It happens when we create safe environments where children can play and learn. It happens when education makes the path to citizenship a little easier.

And when our activities and sacrifices help nourish people’s minds and bodies, that’s putting beliefs into action.

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